10 Ideas To Increase Bank Website Productivity

Bank Website Redesign

If you are looking for the most undervalued asset on your bank’s balance sheet, it is probably your website. A good website gets ten times the traffic that the branch network gets and can dramatically shorten the sales cycle. Since most prospects and customers attempt to check the site for information, a website focused on the customer experience is central to increasing the site’s efficiency. In this article, we touch on some easy improvements that banks can make to turbocharge both usability but conversions.


The Basics


For a bank website to even start to compete with the branches, it needs some basics. It needs customer-centric content, such as a blog, to engage customers. It needs testimonials and reviews for social validation. It needs easy navigation, engaging copy that talks about solutions instead of products, eye-catching graphics, and the site needs clear calls-to-action.


A good bank website makes it easy for customers to get the most requested items such as ATM locations and hours of operation but not only provides enough information about the solutions to allow the customer to make a decision but provides a path for the customer to at least start the process.


Banks need to design a site that has the ability to capture the marketing permission, emails and possibly cell phone numbers of potential customers that come to the website looking for a banking relationship. On top of all that, the site needs to be stable and load quickly


 10 Redesign Features To Consider


As we go through a website upgrade this year, we put together a list of the top ten things that make a difference in website conversions culled from our testing or the lessons learned at other banks. A conversion is defined as the customer taking a specific action such as completing a form, requesting more information or completing a product application.


We have removed all the obvious ones such as having clear navigation and accurate information but put our Top Ten list of conversion tactics and their potential impact starting from a baseline comparison. Thus, if a bank website normally gets five online applications per day and including three call-to-action (CTA) buttons on the page instead of one and making the CTA button larger produces 15 applications, then that is deemed a three-times multiple. 


10 Things You Can Do To Boost Bank Website Performance


Putting This Into Action


In the coming months, we will be focused on boosting bank website performance and will be highlighting some of the lessons learned from some usability and focus group testing. We will be playing with different designs and delving deep into personalization. Stay tuned, and if you have any website tips, we would love to hear about them.