October 2013

Trends: Charging Customers To Use Your Branch

Paying to Not Use the Branch

When it comes to checking accounts, one trend is to charge your customers to use your branch. The idea sounds crazy, but it is a very sane response to a difficult problem. There are a group of banks, most recently BBVA Compass that have introduced checking accounts such as their ClearConnect that has no monthly fee and free online/mobile banking, but comes with a $1 fee for each check processed, $1 fee for in-branch withdrawals and a $4 charge for each deposit completed in the branch after the first per statement cycle.

4 Indicators that Help Banks Forecast The Future

Use these indicators to improve bank forecasting

Yesterday, we covered a set of economic indicators that have proven to be unreliable at predicting the future of rates, credit, loan or deposit growth. The subject is topical as many banks are working through their budget forecasts and instead of just relying on history, many banks seek to increase the accuracy of their predictions by utilizing these indicators. One way to do this is to incorporate forecasts of these economic indicators and then use that as the basis for fine tuning bank budget variables.


5 Popular Economic Indicators Banks Use That Are Unreliable

Bank Forecasting

Given that it is forecasting time again for next year’s budget, banks often use a variety of economic indicators to help forecast demand for credit, liquidity, and inflation. Often time, we will see many of these indicators in ALCO reports or strategic plans. We have tried a great many indicators and have tracked the effectiveness of each one. Today, we will cover some of the more unreliable ones, while tomorrow we will cover the ones that work.


10 Important Pieces of Data Banks Need To Collect On Commercial Customers

Predictive Data at Banks

While most banks understand the important data points when it comes to loans or deposits, most banks still could use help on collecting some of the basic information about their customers. The age of utilizing customer data to get predictive about risk, customer profitability and marketing is just beginning at banks so this is a new field for many. For example, a change in number of employees at your borrower is correlated to both credit risk and profitability.

The Impact To ROE Of Various Bank Budget Initiatives

Impact of Bank Budget Initiatives

Three years of kicking the can down the road, striking last minute deals for “Super Committees” and pointing fingers obviously wasn’t enough practice for Congress as our esteemed government is finally shut down.  You would think that, when faced with the two options of either cutting down on spending or raising revenues, Congress could have picked one, or at least implemented a combination of the two. Instead, our elected officials (who are still getting paid) decided to go with the age-old strategy of hyperpartisan malfeasance and do nothing.