August 2014

College Names, Cost And Why You Need a Goal-Oriented Savings Account

Goal-oriented savings accounts

When it comes to giving advice on saving money on college, our first advice is pick a college with a long name.You want to avoid schools with names like “Harvard,” “Duke” or anything with well-known initials, and suggest colleges like “West Oakdale Community College For The Commercial Transportation Arts.” For that matter, if essays are involved, you should probably suggest skipping it, as you want to look for a one-page application where three quarters of the page is focused on the utilization of how to use major credit cards.  If the above advice doesn’t work out, we can

Rearrange Your Bank’s Priorities To Produce Spectacular Results


Picture your typical meeting at your bank. How much of that meeting is spent talking about the future rather than the past? Is it an offensive meeting where you are talking about new products, how to gain new customers or new strategies or is a defensive meeting where you are trying to fix problems? While likely your meetings are a combination of both offense and defense, there is always one side that dominates. Identifying when you are playing offense vs. defense is important as most of the gains in your bank comes from offense.

How To Convince A Potential Borrower To Refinance With Your Bank

Swap Hedge ARC Idea

The Challenge


Let’s say you want to refinance a loan for a borrower that is at another bank and the loan has a prepayment penalty on it. The borrower has two options: 1) Refinance today and pay the penalty, or 2) Let the loan mature and then refinance at the then prevailing rate. We have tried all different methods and the way best to frame this problem is to present the solution in the following manner: