August 2017

Supporting Those Impacted by Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey Bank Relief Efforts

This past week’s arrival of Hurricane Harvey to the southeast coast of Texas and its devastating path inland has wreaked havoc on the families and businesses of the region.  At the same time, the tragic event has also provided some much-needed perspective and unity within our nation, as complete strangers from all parts of the country are providing their support in whatever means possible.


Budgeting and Bank Advertising for 2018

Bank Advertising Budget

As September rolls around, it is time to start updating next year’s strategic and tactical plans plus put a preliminary budget together. For us, marketing in 2018 looks a lot like 2017 with some notable changes. Like this year, next year will continue the trend of more digital advertisement. This means more social media spend, more mobile allocation and more video production. Email and content will remain front and center, and we will be expanding our search term and search engine optimization.

How Competitive Is Your Banking Market?

How Competitive Is Your Bank Market

We visit hundreds of banks every month across the country and the most common statement that we hear from bankers is this “We are in the most competitive banking region in the country.” While banking, and specifically lending, is highly competitive with pricing and credit structure under pressure across the country, which banking region is the most competitive?  In this article, we look at the data for over 900 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) to see which areas

15 Things That Make A Top Performing Banker

Becoming a Top Performing Banker

We see more bankers and meet more bank management teams than almost anyone else in the industry. We constantly speak on what constitutes a top performing bank and how can banks achieve it. However, it caught us off-guard last week when a banker asked us what makes a top performing BANKER. We gave an incomplete answer at the time and so wanted to present a more thought-out list. We fully admit that this is just one group’s opinion so take this for what it is worth. 


Traits of a Top Performing Banker

The Commercial Real Estate Eclipse

Crowdsourced CRE Outlook

With eclipse-mania in full force, we note that according to market professionals, commercial real estate has gone through an eclipse of its own and is now starting to wane. A survey released last week by JP Morgan of major real estate investors to include banks, insurance companies, pension managers, hedge funds, money managers and REITs shows that most investors believe we are in the late stages of the commercial real estate market expansion and that a more defensive posture is warranted.

How To Set Loan Amortization [Calculator]

Optimizing Loan Structure

Competition for quality (and sometimes not so quality) loans is intense and banks are looking for every possible advantage. One area where community banks can gain a competitive advantage is strategically setting amortization and call terms on loans. Specifically, there is much-heated discussion at loan committees on setting amortization periods and commitment terms on secured real estate loans. Increase amortization and you increase the principal at risk.

2018 Bank Customer Engagement Trends [Free eBook]

2018 Customer Engagement Trends

Every year CenterState takes a look at a variety of trends throughout the industry. One current focus is customer engagement, or how we can better interact with our retail and commercial banking customer to become more relevant to them. In preparation for the 3Q 2018 strategic planning cycle, we produced a report discussing each trend that serves to get our employees, board, and vendors thinking about these issues so they can further give us input. We thought you might find this report interesting, so we have summarized it and attached below.


Acquisitive Reason – Why We Did It: Sunshine Bank and Harbor Community Bank

Bank Mergers and Acquisitions

Yesterday, we announced our first mergers of the year with the concurrent signing of two separate definitive agreements to acquire the holding companies for Harbor Community Bank (Harbor) headquartered in Ft. Pierce, FL, and Sunshine Bank (Sunshine or SBCP) out of Plant City, FL.  Once completed, these mergers will make CenterState Bank a $10.1B organization (using 2Q numbers), or the largest community bank headquartered in America’s third largest state, Florida.

Could Capital One’s Branch Concept Work For You?

Capital One Cafe Branch

Bank branches remain a critical channel for delivering financial services to individuals and businesses.  However, as banks consolidate and technology advances, branch traffic, and items processed remains on a rapid decline.  Further, the need for the physical branch is running into bank’s need to reduce costs. From a cost standpoint, a bank’s branch network is their largest single functional cost.

Technology Ownership of Bank Customer Households by Generation

How Bank Customers Are Digitally Connected

From time to time, we have a debate about how many of our customers have broadband, tablets, smartphones and other digital devices. Below is the most recent data from Nielsen that shows our customer’s households are very digitally enabled. If you are like us, this data can come in helpful prior to your strategic plan updates when you decide the level of resources to devote to digital banking and advertising channels.


Our Main Takeaways from This Data