March 2018

What Can Hospitality Lending Tell Us About Our Current Cycle?

The Predictive Power Of Hospitality Data

Say what you will about hospitality lending, but it is one of the more responsive industries in our economy and highly predictive of economic cycles. It was one of our first indications banks had back in 2007 to tell us something was amiss in the economy. That warning sign is flashing yellow again, and it is causing us to pay a little closer attention to our data. In this article, we look at hotel sector fundamentals, hospitality loan performance and what current data is saying about the current economic cycle.


How To Target Market To Improve Deposit Balances

Growing Deposits

Ask the regulators and one of the first questions you will be asked these days is your percentage of uninsured deposits to total deposits. The concern is grounded in data as higher balance accounts are more interest rate and risk-sensitive than lower balance accounts. In this article, we will look at the data around deposit performance as it relates to balances and shows how community banks can dramatically value by just better-allocating marketing and sales dollars more efficiently.


3 Lessons From NASA To Turbocharge Bank Project Management [Webinar]

Bank Project Management

In 1997, NASA launched the Cassini and Huygens probes on a 20-year mission. Cassini successfully reached Saturn’s rings before the planned burnup in the planet’s atmosphere in September of 2017. Huygens, meanwhile, successfully landed on Saturn’s moon, Titan. The Cassini-Huygens mission is said to be the most complex project in humankind’s undertaking. The mission spanned a record 40 years, included 260 scientists in 17 countries from three different space agencies (Europe’s and Italy’s).

3 Banking Conferences You Don’t Want To Miss

Book These Conferences Now

 We are a little impartial as we have our hand in the design of each one, but below are three bank-specific conferences that bankers should consider for the rest of 2018. Each conference was designed by bankers and each includes a heavy representation of bank speakers providing tested and practical ideas. Yes, it takes time out of your day, but the speed of banking is moving so fast that you need an efficient way to gather new ideas for your bank and these conferences are it.  

Why Your Customers Don’t Want A Personal Banker

Personal Banking

Some banks make heavy use of personal bankers under the belief that having a dedicated person to help with problems would make a difference in the customer experience. Up until this month, we believed this notion. We were also jealous of other banks that use a personal banker model. A survey we conducted last week shows that approximately 22.4% of bank customers either have a personal banker assigned to them or have a banker that they have selected that they use as a personal banker. However, the belief that a personal banker helps customer satisfaction may be misplaced.

What Social Media Tells Us About The Bank Audience

Social media data

Understanding your retail customer is important when it comes to bank marketing, product design, and sales. While most community banks know what their average customer looks like regarding age (greater than 35 years old), gender (male), education (college degree) and average household income ($67k), the current state of social media and data analytics can uncover a wealth of insight. We take a look at some of the stronger correlations and discuss some ways to take advantage of the huge amount of data on social media.  


How To Use A Cash Sweep For Term Loans

Products to Enhance Bank Performance

In the past, we talked about the fees, profit and risk profile of why banks should utilize an automated loan sweep (ALS) that moves excess funds to pay down the outstanding balance on revolving line of credit (HERE). In this article, we look at an equally overlooked derivation of the product where excess operating funds are used to pay down a term facility instead of balances on a revolving line of credit.