Marketing Help for Your Lending Team: The Loan Proposal Generator

Loan Marketing: Loan Proposal Generator

In the course of our work with community bankers, we deal with hundreds of banks across the country and talk to thousands of lenders.  Competition is intense and every lender is looking for an advantage against the national or regional bank.  A better product, faster service, or insightful advice can translate into additional loans, better spreads or additional fee income.  We notice that many community bank lenders get little support from their marketing department in the way of “leave behind” materials.  To help solve part of this problem for our bank, we have created functionality that allows CenterState’s lenders to create their own commercial loan presentations, without waiting on Marketing.  Now, we make this available for free to all community banks. 


We have created a customized and downloadable presentation that commercial lenders can use as an adjunct to generic marketing materials, a term sheet or letter of interest.  This customized presentation shows pricing options, prepayment scenarios, historical rates and the market’s expectation of future rates.  This borrower presentation can be tailored to specific companies/partnerships, loan amounts, amortizations and terms.  It can also be used to show forward starting rates (for construction through term, or locking in forward starting loan).  All of this is presented in a professional and succinct format (similar to what is used at the national banks) but with the specific bank’s logo on each page and certain customizable areas to include the lender’s name and contact information.


How it works


Let’s take an example: the lender wants to create a presentation showing the borrower three options – while our customized presentation can accommodate up to six options for each borrower, three is a magic number and we’ll discuss why in a separate blog.  The lender inputs the loan amount, pricing requirements, structure, starting date and taxability of the borrower.  With a click of a button a customized presentation is either emailed or downloaded for the lender to share with his borrower.  Rates are updated daily and the banker can even calculate hedge fees (an excellent way to drive non-interest income).  When used in conjunction with Smart Loan Express, our loan pricing model, it presents another powerful tool to help community banks book profitable loans.


When to Use


Touch points are very important in sales, including loan sales.  Every time a lender contacts the borrower the contact creates an opportunity to demonstrate superior service, impart market information, offer expert advice, or increase mindshare.  There is a marketing “gap” between when the potential borrower knows about the bank and has general marketing materials and when they receive a formal term sheet. The Loan Proposal Generator was designed to fill this gap.


Once a brief interview with the borrower is had in order to understand their rate view, asset liability position and goals, the Loan Proposal Generator can be utilized. Borrowers want to know where general interest rates are, the bank’s pricing structure, a bank’s loan amortization and term, where the market expects rates to be in the future and all of this is best presented graphically.  Our customized presentation in PDF format is graphic-rich and straight to the point in four pages.  A lender can re-generate the presentation as often as needed and share with the borrower (or just keep it as a learning/memory tool and store to file). 


The information is at the banker’s fingertips anytime they want to generate the customized presentation; sharing this presentation with as many borrowers as they choose as often as they want.  The functionality is so advanced that the lender can price forward starting loans, tax-exempt loans and even calculate the value of the basis points on the loan as a fee.




When banks are stretched for marketing budgets, lenders should not be penalized – after all, they are the front line to every bank’s major revenue generation.  Our customized presentation is free (and without any obligation) to any community banker interested in enhancing his or her marketing prowess and effectiveness.  We want to see community banks attending meetings with borrowers equipped with compelling and professionally constructed presentation material in order to help community banks fuel quality loan growth.


We’ll even train you on how to use the Loan Proposal Generator.  You can watch a brief video HERE, or call us for an in-depth discussion.