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The Content Acquisition Strategy

If you want to get ahead of a trend, consider investing in content for your bank. Content is the new growth accelerator in banking and banks would be wise to start small now, experiment, and learn the ways of the future. Content is the missing piece of growth acceleration and helps not only acquire new customers but slows turn while helping build a brand. In this article, we look at the formula for using content, some examples, and a game plan for blowing past your competition.


The Concept

2Q M&A Recap, Bank Earnings and Why Your Bank Has Increased In Value

Bank Valuations

This is indeed the Golden Age of Banking as our industry doesn’t get much better than this. Lending growth is strong, deposit costs are relatively low, credit quality is at or near record levels, and efficiency is likely to prove to be a record as well.  It is hard not to look like a genius banker in this market. Tax reform alone is the single biggest reason why we may see record earnings from community banks and that is on top of everything else that is going right. In this article, we do a quick recap of the latest earning trends and show why bank value is up.

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