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Learning Artificial Intelligence in Banking: Part 2 – Ifs, Functions, and Loops

Banking Skills For The Next Decade

In a previous blog (HERE), we took got bankers used to basic programming as we went hands-on learning Python, one of the most popular and versatile coding languages for banking applications. By the end of the lesson, we created a tutorial on how to program your own ROI calculator. For this article, we take another step towards teaching bankers the power of machine learning as we expand on the computational power of computer programming.

How To Learn Artificial Intelligence in Banking: Part 1 - Quick Tutorial in Python

Banking Skills for the Next Decade

We recently taught a banking class in bank technology and there was this pervasive undertone that artificial intelligence was the domain of large banks. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The state of machine learning is such that almost any banker with the curiosity to understand can leverage machine learning for a variety of tasks from marketing, to credit, to risk management.

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