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Using The Content Blender To Expand Your Marketing Budget By 5x


Banks that complain about not doing enough in marketing or not having a big enough budget may just not be taking the right approach. We rarely see a bank fully utilize their content. If done right, you can get at least five times the conversions for almost the same expense as you spend now. What bank wouldn’t want five times the loans, deposits, or fees?  In this article, we explore our approach to content marketing and how to “Relate, Repurpose, and Recycle” and how to use the “Content Blender.”


The 5 Best Ways To Use Content To Drive Bank Revenue [Webinar]

Leveraging Bank Content

As most of our readers know, we are big fans of using content to inexpensively acquire customers. The tactic helps to pull prospects into our brand, helps generate leads and helps with conversions. Content is an approach that can differentiate both the bank and the relationship manager. As they say, if you are using content, there is no such thing as a cold call.

What Content Marketing Tactics Work Best For Our Bank?

Bank Content Marketing

Many banks overlook one of the cheapest and most effective ways to market – content. Print and radio advertisement have been less effective for banks looking to land commercial customers over the last three years, but digital marketing is on a sharp rise. Digital combined with content gives banks the backbone of a very effective marketing effort. One often asked question in bank marketing circles is what digital channels are the most effective?

How Your Bank Needs To Change Its Marketing

Content Marketing

Chances are your bank is not producing the most valuable pieces of marketing needed to win your future customer. To prove our point, how much is your 2016 budget for content? If you are like an estimated 87% of banks, you don’t even have a budget line item for “content.” This is a critical mistake because banks sit at the crossroads of having deep content available to them, are in a trusted advisory role with their customers and have competitors that are not using content.

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