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3 Questions From Kat Cole To Make Your Bank Better


For her sheer authenticity and clarity in thinking, Kat Cole remains one of our favorite corporate leaders in America. We met her at the ICBA a couple of years ago and just saw her last week at the ABA Marketing Conference. She did not disappoint. She gave us three questions to ponder as well as a methodology for a roadmap of things you need to fix at the Bank. The lessons were particularly germane to strategic planning and can serve to boost your bank’s performance immediately.


Banks That Want A Strong Culture Can Learn From This Netflix Document

Bank Culture

When it comes to corporate culture, many banks know that building a genuine and sustainable culture is like baptizing cats. It’s tough work fraught with many scratches and a lot of moving around. However, when it comes to corporate culture, Netflix is in the pantheon and can give banks insight. In 2011, their CEO, Reed Hastings, their Chief Talent Officer, and others produced a “Culture Doc” (below) that spread like wildfire among the Silicon Valley’s elite.

Management Bingo and How to Improve Succession Planning

Building Human Capital

We recently heard of a regulatory team that during a safety and soundness exam played “Management Bingo.” They took senior executive’s business cards, put them in a bowl and picked one. The CEO (if he was not picked) had to quickly tell or show an action plan for the succession of the executive that was chosen. If the CEO were chosen (and they put two cards in if the CEO was also President), then the Board would have to show a plan.

Moving From Agile To DevOps In Banking Culture

Faster New Idea Execution

Since technology permeates everything we do, it is no surprise that engineering and development methodologies used in information technology (IT) diffuse into other areas of the bank. In the 1980’s the “waterfall” methodology went mainstream and management organized new products, processes, marketing campaigns and everything else around the concept. By 2000, “agile development” was all the rage. Now, in 2018, “DevOps” is the latest management development methodology.

What Is Your Bank Selling?

Bank Culture and Marketing

If you want to know if your bank has an alignment problem, try this – Ask ten co-workers, ”What is it that your bank is selling? If 80% or more say close to the same thing – that is fantastic, and you are likely in the top 1% of bank performance. If 60% of your co-workers say about the same thing, then move on as that is good enough not to make bank alignment a priority.

Mark King’s 6 Ideas For Bank Performance

Innovation Lessons

At the recent ABA National Conference for Community Bankers, Mark King, the President of Adidas North America, talked about his philosophy to make good companies great. Mark has an impressive track record. Starting as a sales rep for TaylorMade he worked his way up to President in 1999. During his 14 years at the helm, TaylorMade became the leading and most profitable golf company in the world, with sales increasing from $300 million to $1.7 billion.

A Lesson For Bankers - The Grace of Eli Manning

Respect and Teamwork

Last week’s benching of the NY Giant’s Quarterback Eli Manning merits a pause from all bankers. Say what you will about his 2-9 playing performance this season but appreciate his respect for the game and support for his team.  Manning is a strong contender for the Hall of Fame – he has been to the Pro Bowl 4 times; is one of the few quarterbacks to win multiple Super Bowls (named MVP in both); has the 7th most passing yards this season and maintains a quarterback rating of 84.1, or in the top 32% for the year. Yet, he was told to sit down.

15 Things That Make A Top Performing Banker

Becoming a Top Performing Banker

We see more bankers and meet more bank management teams than almost anyone else in the industry. We constantly speak on what constitutes a top performing bank and how can banks achieve it. However, it caught us off-guard last week when a banker asked us what makes a top performing BANKER. We gave an incomplete answer at the time and so wanted to present a more thought-out list. We fully admit that this is just one group’s opinion so take this for what it is worth. 


Traits of a Top Performing Banker

14 Bank Leadership Principals From Amazon

Bank Leadership From Amazon

Literally taking a page out of Amazon’s culture’s book, you can find the 14 leadership principals of Amazon HERE in a three-page pdf that you can circulate and discuss at your next management offsite.

Wells Fargo And Two Of The Most Successful Compensation Plans

Bank Compensation Plans

Since 1816, with the opening of the Second Bank of the United States, bankers have struggled with compensation plans. The new Wells Fargo structure, rolled out this month, is somewhere in the middle of two wildly successful plans. The question is, what can community bankers learn from these plans and how can they put them into action? Our last series on compensation (HERE), gave bankers ideas on how best to compensate lenders.


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