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The Basics Of Commercial Loan Documentation – Part II

Better Understanding Commercial Loan Documentation

In our previous blog (HERE), we considered the structure of commercial loan documentation and important objectives of certain agreements.  We also discussed common loan concepts that are of particular importance to commercial lenders.  Today, we cover some of the important provisions of the loan documents and explain some of the important considerations when definitive loan agreements are negotiated.  Effective lenders must strike the right balance between protecting the bank and creating a workable document for the cust

TRIA Is Set To Expire and Your Bank Is Now Exposed

Terrorism Risk Insurance (TRIA) Bank Risk Management

Congress just gave banks a lump of coal for Christmas and it is not being received well. Last week the Senate failed to extend the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA) which means that this December 31st will be the last day of coverage. This government-sponsored reinsurance program put in place after 9/11 allowed property owners and lenders to cover catastrophic losses (those above $100k) from an event of terrorism such as a bombing, biohazard attack or similar.


How Not To Get Sued in Commercial Real Estate Lending

Legal Risk of Real Estate Lending

You can ignore banking law, but it is a life force that is always around us, everywhere, all the time – just like Ryan Seacrest. Similar to that hard working celeb, banking law, particularly as it pertains to commercial lending, really came into its own during the downturn. It seemed like every loan had an issue.

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