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Loan Floors and the Zero Interest Rate Environment

Extreme ALCO - Guy pondering interest rates

We are working with numerous community bankers to develop strategies for instituting floors on commercial loans. The idea of protecting floating or adjustable rate assets is not new to community bankers, but the current interest in this concept is spurred by specific and unusual communications and market developments that are worth analyzing.

They Laughed At Our Floors Until We Took These Three Steps

Using floors in bank loans

In our older home, we have some uneven floors which we are trying to level.  We laid out shims, measured distances, marked dips and aligned levels.  While some boards are now level, we now have some edge strips that are not flush and some bridges with wide gaps.  We decided to solve the problem once and for all (no we didn’t sell the house) - we hired a master carpenter to let him fix our bad floors.

The Upside

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