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How Banks Differentiate to Protect Margins

Protecting Net Interest Margins

Bank margins plummeted in the second quarter of this year as banks struggled to find lending opportunities outside of the low-yielding PPP loans. The banking industry net interest margin (NIM) dropped 42 basis points in Q2/20 from 3.16% to 2.74% - the largest percentage drop in history.

How Optionality Impacts Your Net Interest Margin


For the majority of bankers, maintaining or increasing net interest margin (NIM) is the single most significant focus today. The shape of the yield curve and lower rates have caused NIM compression across the board and have hurt bank equity performance. While we are not big fans of managing bank performance using NIM as it doesn’t take into account risk and cost, it is one of the most common performance metrics used in banking.

Improving ROA and Data Visualization At Your Bank

The Data on Net Interest Margin

Data visualization is the presentation of data in a pictorial or graphical format. It enables decision-makers to see analytics more easily, grasp difficult concepts, identify new patterns, and explain outliers.

Another Problem With Using Net Interest Margin To Manage Your Bank

Metrics For Bank Performance

Net interest margin (NIM) is one of the most over-utilized metrics in banking. As we have pointed out in the past, if you include all the failed banks over the last ten years, the statistic is about 20% predictive of underperformance. Thus, if you manage your bank trying to get the largest NIM possible, you are likely to produce less profit, not more. Of course, all things being equal you want wider NIM loans than not, but all things are rarely equal.

The Latest Net Interest Margin Data and Bank Survival

The  Fallacy of Net Interest Margin (NIM)

Net interest margin (NIM) is currently the most widely used performance measure for commercial loans and for community banks.  Community banks are working very hard to maintain NIM and thus profitability (ROA) – or, so the thinking goes.  However, the sole focus on NIM is actually not only hurting banks’ performances, but we contend that it is one of the major contributors to industry consolidation and bank failures.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Net Interest Margin

Boosting Interest Margin

Many bankers and investors think rising rates will automatically translate into larger net interest margins (NIM) and greater profits. While first quarter data will likely show the first increase in aggregate loan yield since 2007, it remains to be seen how much of that increase gets translated into wider NIM for community banks at the end of 2017.

Why Banks Are Relooking At Their 2017 Deposit Strategy (Part I)

Bank Deposit Management

Here at CenterState Bank, we specialize in Florida.  Now, Florida has a lot of things going for it, but it has at least two major things going against it. One is an unspoken rule that if you own a bar or restaurant with an open-air patio, you have to have some guy impersonating Jimmy Buffett on a stool wearing a flowered shirt singing for tips. These guys are everywhere, and if you live here, it gets old. The other major drawback is that hunting for the highest rate on your deposits is a national pastime only eclipsed by baseball and trying to stay out of sinkholes.

An Update On How The Fed’s Actions Will Impact Your Bank

The Fed's Impact On Banks

The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Nonfarm Payroll report for the month of May was weaker than most market participants predicted with just 38k jobs created.  The unemployment rate, however, came in lower than expected at 4.7% and the average hourly earnings growth was reported at 2.5%.  So how will the Fed interpret this data and how will the Fed’s actions affect your bank’s NIM and earnings?  Between the two perceivable options of keeping interest rates at their curre

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