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The Most Important Function You Need For A Digital Bank


While online account opening and digital lending are great, there is one function that is the most in demand by bank customers, yet most banks don’t think to provide any digital functionality around it. It is the one function that drives up the most cost for a bank and is the most significant reason why bank customers still say they want a branch. Solve this problem, and you start to become a true digital bank. In this article, we look at the data around the problem and how to solve for it.


Personalization: How To Get More Out of Your Bank’s Website

Bank Marketing Personalization

Our article early this week on bank website productivity (HERE) garnered an avalanche of feedback. One of the most common questions was to expand on more details around personalization. Since we are in the process of upgrading our site to handle personalization, we wanted to explain the what, how and who of our effort in case you are looking to jump your website’s capabilities.

Choosing A Digital Banking Platform - Final Bracket

Digital Banking Platforms

Not only are the NCAA Basketball brackets set, but we have finalized our digital banking competition as well. While our criteria stood the test for a couple of hundred banks that commented on it or we had interviews with, we have had to expand our brackets from 18 to 24 contenders as it seems that we left several off.


Our (Semi) Final Criteria


Bank Account Opening Is A Problem - How One Bank Fixed It

Bank Account Opening

Every bank should send their new employees out and mystery shop at least one other competitor and report back. Further, every senior manager should do the same once per year. If they did that, most banks would find that the account opening process leaves much to be desired and the act of mystery shopping would create a desire to improve. Most banks don’t improve because their customers put up with the opening process so no one realizes that something is wrong. But, something is wrong. As an industry, our account opening process leaves much to be desired.

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