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Personalization: How To Get More Out of Your Bank’s Website

Bank Marketing Personalization

Our article early this week on bank website productivity (HERE) garnered an avalanche of feedback. One of the most common questions was to expand on more details around personalization. Since we are in the process of upgrading our site to handle personalization, we wanted to explain the what, how and who of our effort in case you are looking to jump your website’s capabilities.

10 Ideas To Increase Bank Website Productivity

Bank Website Redesign

If you are looking for the most undervalued asset on your bank’s balance sheet, it is probably your website. A good website gets ten times the traffic that the branch network gets and can dramatically shorten the sales cycle. Since most prospects and customers attempt to check the site for information, a website focused on the customer experience is central to increasing the site’s efficiency. In this article, we touch on some easy improvements that banks can make to turbocharge both usability but conversions.


What Data Banks Use To Personalize Their Marketing

Personalized Marketing

When it comes to bank marketing, nothing is more important than directing your message at the right audience. In most cases, it is necessary to know a potential customer on a level deeper than their account number in order to earn their business and trust. Banks today are facing more competition than ever before, so treating someone as an individual rather than a one-dimensional account can be the deciding factor between gaining a life-long brand champion and losing one.

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