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Using The Content Blender To Expand Your Marketing Budget By 5x


Banks that complain about not doing enough in marketing or not having a big enough budget may just not be taking the right approach. We rarely see a bank fully utilize their content. If done right, you can get at least five times the conversions for almost the same expense as you spend now. What bank wouldn’t want five times the loans, deposits, or fees?  In this article, we explore our approach to content marketing and how to “Relate, Repurpose, and Recycle” and how to use the “Content Blender.”


Adding Value Through ESOP Banking [Podcast and Video]

ESOP Banking

In our quest to add more value to our customers, one of the ideas we hit upon was to train relationship managers up to handle the complexities of ESOP lending. Instead of lending to a corporate client, it is more profitable and less risky to lend to the ESOP of that client. Further, few bankers take the time to understand how an ESOP works so competition is limited. Banks can go after existing ESOPs and help refinance their current debt, can work with existing clients to establish ESOPs, or can go after perspective commercial customers and help them establish an ESOP.

What We Learned From Live Oak Bank [Podcast]

Bank Business Models: Live Oak Bank And Chip Mahan

Of all the top performing banks, the one that we are most envious of and follow the most closely is Live Oak Bank. Chip Mahan and his team of high performers have reverse engineered the best parts of banking. The result is a radically altered business model that achieves performance through its simplicity – profitable products to profitable customers.

The Client Experience With Peapack-Gladstone Bank [Podcast]

The Bank Customer Experience

Go to Peapack-Gladstone Bank’s (PGB) website and you see something that you find at very few banks. Actually, it is what you don’t find. You don’t find a page full of products. Instead you find information about the bank, what they think and about their philosophy. Their products are under the heading “How We Can Help” where they talk about “Solutions” instead of products. Throughout the site you find a bank trying to make an emotional connection with their client.

The Biological Reason Why We Are Podcasting

Podcasting and Cooperation

Below you will find a link to Season 1, Episode 2 of our new podcast. You should go to iTunes and subscribe as podcasting is our latest experiment and this is really our intro episode that explains why we podcast and more importantly answers a question that we get asked all the time – why we share our data, policies, products, and thoughts with other banks.  We also answer the question why we did an intro episode as our second show, instead of our first. We also set up our objectives for the first season.

Should Your Bank Go To Cuba? [Podcast]

Bank Strategy in Cuba

Ahh, the gentle breeze of Havana – the music, the people, the cigars, the mojitos and the embargo. Given the thawing relations and the new rules announced by the Obama administration, banking and financial transactions are now loosening….somewhat. While the lifting of the embargo will take an act of Congress and is not expected to be reviewed until next year, American companies are already in motion in preparation.

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