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10 Commercial Sales Tips From Community Bankers

We just concluded our annual Bank Management Conference at the Ritz-Carlton at Amelia Island.  In our breakout sessions and conversations with attending bankers, one of the hot topics was how community banks can become better sales organizations. We shared our journey and collected some great feedback on ideas and tactics that have worked for other banks. In this article, we share the top 10 ideas that bankers expressed at our conference related to how community banks can become better at building relationships and driving sales.  

How To Increase Your Bank’s Commercial “Pull Through” Rate

Bank Sales

Chances are your bank has a “pipeline report.” This is a report that details all the qualified prospects, their potential transactions, their value and where they are in the sales process. If your bank is on top of its sales game, it likely has this report by customer relationship so that loans, deposits and services are all on one report and can be managed. If your bank is more traditional, then it likely has multiple reports for loans, deposits and maybe, fees. If your bank doesn’t believe in relationship banking, then maybe you just have this report for loans.

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