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How The Election Will Impact Your Bank’s Budget and Strategic Plan

Bank Strategic Planning For the Election

Since the election falls right in the middle of bank’s budgeting and planning cycles, it is worth spending some time looking at potential outcomes. With a little more than two weeks before the election, the current polls and betting odds favor a Democratic Administration and both houses of Congress.  According to FiveThirtyEight, Biden has a +10.5% lead, up from +7.6% two weeks ago. The polling also shows a 96% House retention and a 73% chance of winning the Senate.

Here is a New Idea to Blow Up Your Bank’s Strategic Planning

Bank Strategic Planning

If you are like 90% if banks out there, chances are your strategic planning process is not all that effective. Chances are your strategic planning process is a good budgeting exercise, but a poor driver of strategy. It likely your current strategic plan contains something about growth, geographical expansion, and digital transformation. You could exchange plans with another bank, and neither sets of shareholders would know the difference.

Why Your Bank’s Strategic Time Horizon May Hurt You

Strategic Planning and Innovation

If you look at the sensitivity in a bank’s budget, $1 of investment in a new line of business usually doesn’t break even for two to three years. $1 invested in finding a new customer usually returns about 9%, while $1 invested in a new product is usually above 20%. This all compares to about a 40%+ return invested in improving processes (loan, branch, cash management, etc.) and about an 80% plus return spent on reducing customer churn, increasing lifetime value and/or helping cross-sell.

The Successful Bank Strategist's Deck Is Now Available

The Successful Bank Strategist's Deck

Bank strategy is a year-round endeavor and the act of strategic planning has never been more important. A good bank strategy will set your institution apart from other banks and help it generate an above-average return on capital. More than a regulatory checkbox, a budgeting process, a fantasy or a regurgitation of someone else’s plan, the right strategic plan will provide a roadmap to create franchise value. If strategic planning is important to you, we have a tool for you.


The Strategist’s Deck

Managing The Ends of Your Bank’s Strategic Plan

Achieving Strategic Alignment

Quick, what is the single most important item to focus on for your bank’s strategic success? What are the tactics that need to be done today to ensure that success? After that, what is your next strategic priority? Would most of your team answer the same way?  In strategic planning circles, it is called “working both ends of your plan,” and it highlights a weakness in many bank’s strategic processes. The average community bank spends 276 hours per year on putting together an update to their strategic plan, but the question is what value it adds to franchise value.

Here is What Your Future Branch Portfolio Looks Like

Managing Branch Transformation

Last week’s article on branch transformation generated more questions than usual with many bankers asking what an “optimized” branch network looks like in the omnichannel model. While we are not confident that most community banks can achieve that model and would be better off focusing on a mobile-first architecture, most banks are in the process of trying. In this article, we review what a new branch delivery portfolio might look like, looking at both the economics and engagement of each location tactic.



Strategy & Bank Growth

As your bank heads into strategic planning this year, it is likely that one of the first, and most important, questions to answer is  - What level of growth should the bank set as a target for next year?  While seemingly a simple question, the answer trips up many bankers. In fact, some bankers get it wrong by 180 degrees. In this article, we look at some factors to think about when deciding your growth targets.


Getting Asset Growth Directionally Correct


A Better Bank Channel Delivery Framework

Bank Channel Delivery Strategy

Banks have a variety of options to deliver their products and services – branches, call centers, mobile, third-parties, social media, etc. “Omnichannel” has been a popular buzzword for a while with the prevailing concept that banks need to provide all channels as customers want to choose which channel works best for them. We think this is the wrong way of looking at the challenge and that banks need to take a more active role in the long-term planning of their portfolio of channel delivery options.

Budgeting and Bank Advertising for 2018

Bank Advertising Budget

As September rolls around, it is time to start updating next year’s strategic and tactical plans plus put a preliminary budget together. For us, marketing in 2018 looks a lot like 2017 with some notable changes. Like this year, next year will continue the trend of more digital advertisement. This means more social media spend, more mobile allocation and more video production. Email and content will remain front and center, and we will be expanding our search term and search engine optimization.

The Four Layers in the Cube of Bank Strategy

Better Bank Strategic Planning

Bank strategy can be thought of as a multi-layer cube. In this article, we present the four horizontal layers and then follow this article up with the vertical layers to round out the outstanding of the basic framework that can be used to set any bank’s strategic plan. The reality is that many banks fail to plan their strategic plan and don’t think through their framework. Here, we provide a successful and proven set of layers that allows banks to start from a vision and produce the tactical tentacles of strategy that makes execution clearer.



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