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How Bankers Can Help Commercial Clients With ROI [Calculator]

Commercial Lending

Commercial lending is more competitive than ever and 2017 will likely prove no exception.  To effectively differentiate their services, commercial lenders will need to be thought leaders, understand their market and industries, and provide more insightful advisory services.  One way commercial lenders can differentiate themselves is to help their clients run various return on investment (ROI) scenarios that allow them to make better financing decisions.

Adding Value To Treasury Management And Small Business Customers

Forecasting Accuracy

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any corporate client. While understanding cash flow is the stock and trade of bankers, few bankers take the time to add this value to their small business, corporate or treasury management clients by leveraging this knowledge. Before you dismiss this as an unneeded item, consider banks like Well Fargo and Bank of America not only train their bankers on this very topic but offer a robust educational program around cash flow management (HERE for example).

Using Webinars For Bank Marketing

Webinars at Banks

In banking, it takes six to twelve “touches” to a potential customer before you can convert them to a full blown customer. One of the best ways we have found of segmenting and qualifying a customer is to hold a webinar. The webinar is an efficient way to start discussing a topic with a wide number of customers that are just entering the sales funnel. While most webinars from community banks are product related, we have found success, and encourage other community banks, to hold webinars on topics where the bank can become a local thought leader.

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