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A New Skill For Bankers - Selling, Leading, and Learning Remotely

Virtual Selling and Sales Training

Being able to adapt and pivot is the hallmark of success in 2020. There are many new skills that we picked up, how to work various video conferencing applications, how to do remote check-ins, and, of course, how to run your entire bank from your home dining room table. One skill that still can use some work is our approach to training, coaching, and conversations.

Here Is Our Relationship Manager Content Training

Using Content in Banking

Everyone loves content. It is likely that you clicked on this article because you were curious about what content we have to offer. Content builds credibility, engagement, brand and amplifies your voice. Content also drives bank sales. Part of the challenge is that few banks train their relationship managers and marketing staff on how to create an effective portfolio of content. In this short article, we highlight a couple of important points on contact and then provide the recording of our recent training video on the topic.


10 Steps To Generate More Banking Leads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn for Bankers

If you want more commercial clients before you buy marketing lists, spend money on advertising, cold call, ask for referrals or sponsor any events, consider training your relationship managers on how to use LinkedIn for prospecting. For us, LinkedIn is responsible for generating more commercial leads than all other social media channels combined and has been a great source of not only leads but also market intelligence and general brand building. Having intermediate or better LinkedIn skills are helpful for any banker and is now mandatory for any new relationship manager.

Here Is A Major Part Of Our Relationship Banking Model

Relationship Banking

As we go down the path of trying to improve relationship banking delivery, we stumbled on the question - what does being a “relationship banker” mean? This seemingly simple question proved difficult to answer.

Managing A Relationship-Driven Bank Sales Team

Bank Sales Management

The most common complaint we hear from commercial bank calling officers is the lack of time available to prospect for new clients. Commercial lenders, banking, and calling officers spend less than one-third of their time selling. The majority of their time is spent on administrative work, credit and internal meetings. Furthermore, commercial calling officers get a second meeting with a prospect only 20% of the time, and a third meeting less than 10% of the time.

The One Metric That Could Be Your Best Performance Indicator

Branch Performance

The other day we met with one of the turnaround specialists at the McDonald’s Corporation. If you are one of their 5,000+ franchisees running one of the 30,000 independent locations and you are not performing up to expectations, this guy shows up to help you turn your stores around. We were shocked to find out that other than a few extreme circumstances related to the surrounding area, most every franchise can be saved.

15 Presentation Tips For Bankers

Making Bankers Better Presenters

Almost every banker will find at some point having to present to an audience.  Whether you will present to your peers, the board of directors, a group of prospects or your direct reports, you will need to make prepared remarks in front of a group of people. In particular, we are huge advocates of leveraging your bank’s expertise and passing that on to your customers in the form of client events, educational sessions, and community workshops.

Want More Innovation At Your Bank? Teach The Learning Mindset

Developing A Learning Mindset To Spur Bank Innovation

We just finished up the Western Independent Bankers (WIB) Conference on the Big Island in Hawaii for their annual conference and one of the most interesting lessons came in the most unlikely of places – dolphin training.  While dolphin training was fascinating, the real lesson came when you watch a group of novice trainers learn how to work with dolphins.  The speed of training is not the same for everyone and those that had a “learning mindset” excelled while those that failed to take training, and more importantly, learning, seriously were outdistanced.

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