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Choosing a Bank Hedge Provider

The economic consequences of Covid-19 have altered average credit quality and created a flat and shallow yield curve.  Community banks are working diligently to support their local communities and survive in these challenging times.  One tool that many community banks have utilized in this business environment is a loan-level hedging product.

Vendor Selection for Community Banks

Vendor Management and Selection

Community banks continue to look for ways to control expenses.  One effective way to minimize overhead costs is to outsource non-critical or non-differentiated tasks to third party vendors who are able to perform the function cheaper and/or faster.  Banks have increased the breadth of outsourced processes and functions: everything from check processing, website management, payment solution and even some underwriting analysis and sales leads.  Outsourcing makes sense where a vendor can perform the tasks cheaper than the bank and the bank can still retain the strategic and d

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