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How Your Bank Can Stereotype Customers To Boost Sales

Bank Marketing

If you are reading this, you are likely a high performing banker. Like us, you are likely passionate about banking, looking to improve, and you are more quantitative than the average non-reader. While we suspect that supposition to be true, we really have no idea. Regardless of how you perform, the fact that we labeled you as a high performing banker means that you are more likely to finish this article, more likely to self-identify with being a top performance, and, as a result, you are more likely to become a top performer.

This Might Be A Way to Get Cash to Your Customers When They Want It

Human ATM - Cash Delivery ATM

Sometimes the future isn’t that clear, and this one has us perplexed. We are not sure this is a step forward or backwards in technology, but we find it interesting. Nimbl, a San Francisco start-up now has an app available where you can request cash and a certified runner brings it to you. For those that have converted to Apple Pay this week (along with the other 8 million people), the app solves the problem of how to get cash easily in an increasingly cashless society.


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