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How Banks Can Achieve Flawless Execution Like The Military

High Performance Banking

In November 2017, the US Navy positioned three of the world’s largest aircraft carriers off the coast of the Korean Peninsula.  Each day, as the sun first cracked above the horizon, dozens of F/A-18 Hornet fighter aircraft would depart from the three carriers.  With the precision of a Swiss watch, the sleek jets launched from the carrier decks at speeds nearing 200 mph.  Once airborne, they formed into huge attack formations as part of the greatest show of military force in modern history.


We Just Learned This Tactic to Support Our Bank’s Core Principals

Living Your Bank's Core Principals

No doubt your core principals, values or vision statement looks good on some strategy planning document. The question is – are you living it? To better align your organization with your vision, a banker at the Western Independent Banker conference last week taught us a core lesson that we need to use more often in our bank. That lesson is, constantly ask yourself if your next action helps or hurts fulfill your core values. Build that question into your process to better hone your bank to your core principals.


Why Your Bank Should Be Like A Night Club

Creating Value In Banking

A popular night club represents the perfect allegory for creating a value-fueled bank and should be an exercise that you complete at your next strategic planning meeting. Consider a popular club with its red velvet rope and a line of good looking people waiting to get in. If this is the case, the club can make the decision of who it lets in and how much to charge all the way up to the point where that line ceases to exist. What would it take for a bank to have a line of people out the door waiting to get in?

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